Our India tour, by the numbers:

Been home a couple of days now from our tour of India, and had a chance to look at all we did:

  • 8450 people came to our shows and got to laugh, clap, dance and sing with us – and most importantly, they got to hear about Jesus! (It’s likely more than that; we count our attendance numbers pretty conservatively)
  • 21,000 miles travelled (in planes, trains, busses, cars and auto-rickshaws)
  • 32 days on the road
  • 18 performances
  • 12 trips to ‘American’ restaurants (KFC, Dominos, or McDonalds – which do NOT taste the same as they do at home…)
  • 10 cities visited
  • 9 cities performed in
  • 7 days of training seminars (in 4 different cities)
  • 6 airports (Indianapolis, Chicago, Abu Dhabi, Cochin, Mumbai, Chennai)
  • 5 shows where Seth or Scott (or both) broke a string
  • 3 shows where people (usually university administrators) had to restrain crowds from dancing too much!
  • 2 shows where Jonelle broke her key-tar (but fixed it!)
  • One amazing God that we got to talk about with LOTS of people.

It was an amazing tour and we’re exhausted, but we had a great timeĀ Thanks, India… we’ll be back. Because THIS needs to happen again!